3 Prime Benefits Of Opting For Frequent Mole Mapping Checkups


The skin is a mirror of our overall health and changes its appearance in various ways to indicate specific abnormalities. Apart from the known skin disorders, several systemic and organ-based diseases show their initial symptoms as a change in skin’s colour, texture, and exterior growths. Moles and other lumps that naturally occur in most of us can be one of these symptoms.

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim often says that though not all moles are cancerous, the only way to confirm that is through consistent examination. Mole mapping is a digitally advanced diagnostic method that allows you to monitor your mole and other skin growths over a period of time.

What Is Mole Mapping & How Does It Work?

Mole MappingMole mapping is a surveillance procedure that uses digital imaging and dermoscopy for tracking mole growths on the skin.

When you visit for a mole mapping checkup, the doctor first performs a thorough review of your medical history, skin type, and general lifestyle.

It will be followed by a visual examination with a dermoscope (dermatoscope) to analyse your moles and freckles.

In the mole mapping process, you will be asked to stand in a closed room with a specialized camera that clicks multiple pictures of specific skin regions. The same process will be repeated for every checkup.

What Are The Benefits Of Mole Mapping?

Tracking All Skin Growths:

As we age, multiple moles grow and fade away on our skin. By opting for mole mapping, your skin specialist can track the sizes and numbers of your moles, freckles or other skin growths. Having more than 50 moles over the body can be concerning, which can be easily tracked through this process.

Assisting In Mole Removal:

By comparing the chronological mole mapping images, the doctor can judge if any of your moles can grow to cause aesthetic or medical problems and should be removed promptly. Further mole mapping helps in detecting the reoccurrence of moles after removal.

Detecting Melanoma In Early Stages:

The greatest benefit of mole mapping is the indication of unusual lesions, which may point to the onset of melanoma.  Abnormal cell growths caused by other underlying disorders can also be detected and treated well before the condition reaches a critical stage.

Dr. Shehla EbrahimDr. Shehla Ebrahim has been offering mole mapping in Vancouver for several years now and has successfully detected some melanoma cases in the early stages, which could have worsened otherwise. She advises all her patients, especially those with a family history of melanoma, to opt for mole mapping if they have a significant number of moles.

If you’ve noticed your moles grow unusually large or discoloured and want to opt for mole mapping, Vancouver is home to our trusted skincare physician Dr. Shehla Ebrahim who offers online consultation and suggests suitable treatment options for your unique skin.

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