8 Vital Questions to Ask your Skin Specialist About Acne and Acne Scars- Banner

Do you have acne scars that refuses to go? Are you planning to consult a skin care expert for your skin but don’t know what to ask?

If you answered “yes”, here are some questions to ask your skin care physician about acne and make the most out of your consultation.


  • What is causing breakouts and acne on my skin?

Ideally, a skin care physician will suggest the reason for your acne scars after a comprehensive skin examination. If your skin is prone to acne, there are a variety of reasons that could be leading to your breakouts.

When you consult Dr. Shehla Ebrahim for your skin, she will identify where the acne scars stems from. And based on your skin type: oily, dry, or normal, she will suggest optimal measures and medical-grade skincare routines to prevent acne and breakouts.


  • Are my current skincare products fine for use?

Acne inflammation can also be a reactionary response to particular products. Therefore it is better to avoid using new products on the skin randomly. Dr. Shehla Ebrahim will ask questions pertaining to your skincare routine so that she can recommend specific products right for your skin. 


  • Should I continue facials in my regular salon?

Salon facials use highly concentrated chemicals that might give an instant glow, but impose bad long-term results on the skin. Instead, if you are having severe breakouts, Dr. Shehla Ebrahim recommends clinical chemical peels and other clinical solutions that are proven to give good results for the skin. 


  • Am I allergic to any specific things causing acne?

If eating certain foods or your skin’s exposure to specific weather is causing skin irritation followed by acne, then that could be the culprit. Dr. Shehla Ebrahim will have an in-detail conversation with you about it.


  • Is there a specific skincare routine to follow?

Having a simple but consistent skincare routine is recommended. If your skin is too sensitive, Dr. Shehla Ebrahim might ask you to follow only recommended products and refrain from using other daily cosmetic products.

Regular skin care routine will comprise of:

  1. Cleansing your skin with a gentle cleanser in the morning and applying a gel moisturiser. 
  2. Applying sunscreen.
  3. Washing your face after returning from work and hydrating your skin with gel moisturiser.
  4. Following a simple night routine ex: Face Wash- toner – night cream.

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim will give you a personalised skincare routine that is most suitable for you.


  • Is acne caused by a hormonal imbalance?

Some hormonal conditions, such as PCOS, PCOD,  hyypothyroidism, etc., can cause breakouts and make your skin dull and scaly. You can tell the doctor about your condition to suggest the best solution for your skin.


  • What foods should I eat to reduce acne scars on my skin?

Some people experience acne as a result of their diet. If you think this may be the case for you, then we suggest you eat sufficient vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, and fish oils for optimal skin health. In addition, you must include enough proteins to stimulate collagen in skin cells.


  • Can I take collagen or skin-boosting supplements?

Everyone has a different skin profile. For some, small modifications in diet, exercise, and skin care products may do the work, whereas, for others, they might need special, unique solutions, including skin-boosting supplements.

Disclaimer: Do not start taking any health or skin care supplements without skin care physicians’ recommendations.

Acne scars and breakouts may take away your glow, so let’s bring your shine back with a consultation. If you are worried about your skin, and are seeking acne scar treatment in Vancouver BC, consult Dr. Shehla Ebrahim.