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The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a treatment for stimulating new hair growth in bald patches caused by any genetic, hormonal, autoimmune, or stress-related hair loss conditions. Our blood consists of cell fragments called platelets responsible for clotting and healing wounds and cell rejuvenation around the body. These platelets are carried by plasma in our bloodstreams.

When this platelet-rich plasma is directly injected into the scalp where hair has been lost or doesn’t grow, it stimulates increased blood flow towards the dead follicles into that region, thereby causing new hair to sprout. It also lengthens the Anagen phase, i.e., the active hair growth cycle, to increase the new hair density.

PRP is an effective solution for patients suffering from Male and female pattern hair loss, and age-related hair loss. In fact, PRP therapy has proven to boost patients’ self-confidence in social life, which are often impacted due to baldness.

How Does Dr. Ebrahim Perform PRP Treatment?

PRP therapy requires multiple sessions to achieve the optimal results, which will vary depending upon the severity of your hair loss. Typically, Dr. Ebrahim performs 3 treatments, 1 month apart with boosters at 4 months and then yearly maintenance.

It is a non-surgical procedure and doesn’t cause any significant pain, so anaesthetic may or may not be used.

First, she will retrieve the required quantity of your blood and place it in a centrifuge. The centrifuge separates the plasma and platelets from the rest of the blood, which is then stored separately. The pure plasma fluid is prepared for injection.

With a specialized injecting tool, she will then inject the platelet fluid carefully under the marked scalp regions.

PRP therapy is a daycare procedure, so you’ll be allowed to leave right away once Dr. Ebrahim analyzes the treatment results.

What Can You Expect After your PRP Treatment?

Ideally, you’ll start to see the results at least three to five months after completing all the PRP treatment sessions.

Dr. Ebrahim may prescribe some hair growth supplements or medications to boost the results.

You’ll have to avoid massaging or shampooing your scalp vigorously for at least 48 hours after each session to ensure the PRP solution is secured at the injected sites.

Take Your First Step

Dr. Ebrahim has a long-spanning experience treating hair loss conditions with a personalized combination of medications and aesthetic procedures like PRP. If you’re seeking a good doctor for PRP treatment in Vancouver, BC, you can directly reach out to Dr. Ebrahim on  236-878 7002 or at info@dredermatology.com and discuss your expectations and options for getting the best PRP therapy.

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