Urticaria (Chronic Hives)

Urticaria Treatment In Vancouver BC

Urticaria or Hives is an inflammatory skin condition where the skin develops red raised weal-like patches over the body as an allergic reaction to various distinguishing factors. They occur as bouts of varying lengths and irritate different areas of the skin. Acute hives erupt when a bodily adverse response appears and disappears in a matter of days to weeks.

Most urticaria cases are mild as they subside on their own or with oral antihistamines. However, if you notice the symptoms aggravating day-by-day, you must visit a doctor experienced in providing urticaria treatment in Vancouver, BC.

What Are the Symptoms of Urticaria?

Hives can erupt in anyone for various reasons and durations. The only common factors that are observed in everyone suffering an urticaria bout are:

  •       Red weals that change shape, and appear and fade repeatedly
  •       Severe itching over the reacting skin
  •       Swelling over the lips or inside the throat
  •       Skin-colored welts that flare up when your body experiences heat or stress
  •       In extreme cases, dizziness and breathing problems

What Causes Urticaria/Hives?

Pinning down the exact cause of Urticaria reaction is quite challenging as the symptoms are almost always similar. The primary internal cause of the red welts that erupt with hives is histamine and other bodily chemicals released by specific cells into our bloodstream. And the known external causes of Utricaria include:

  •       Side effects of certain pain medications
  •       Some insects or parasites
  •       Infections
  •       Persistent scratching over a skin region
  •       Exposure to extreme heat or cold
  •       Mental and physical stress
  •       Allergic reaction to specific types of  food
  •       Wearing extremely tight clothing
  •       Exposure to sun
  •       Exercise induced urticaria

How Does Dr. Ebrahim Treat Urticaria/Hives?

To detect the exact underlying cause of your urticaria reaction, Dr. Ebrahim primarily focuses on understanding your routine life. During the evaluation, she’ll examine your regular activities, health conditions, ongoing medications, diet, how your hives appear, amongst many other factors.

Dr. Ebrahim believes in building a relationship with her patients where the patients can express their overall health problems unhesitatingly and receive the best hives treatment in Vancouver, BC.

Take Your First Step

To get the most suitable and long-lasting acute or chronic urticaria treatment, you can directly contact Dr. Ebrahim by calling at 236-878-7002 or emailing her at info@dredermatology.com

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