Causes of Hyperpigmentation

Darkness around the mouth can be bothersome for some women, as it can sometimes mimic the appearance of a moustache or facial hair. This may leave you feeling shy to snap photos with your friends, and/or leave you spending your valuable time reapplying concealer, in an attempt to hide the pigmentation altogether.

In short, hyperpigmentation around the mouth can tamper your confidence and may at times mimic the appearance of facial hair.

To find a permanent and sure-shot cure, you must first understand what hyperpigmentation is and what causes it around the mouth. In this article, we will walk you through:

  1. What is Hyperpigmentation?
  2. What causes Hyperpigmentation around the mouth?
  3. Do Home Remedies Work?
  4. Dr E’s Approach to treating Hyperpigmentation around the mouth


What is Hyperpigmentation?

hyperpigmentation treatment

The fair, wheatish or dark complexion you may be experiencing is due to melanin secretion in the skin. When the secretion is non-uniform and some part of the skin is darker, it is considered hyperpigmentation.  


What causes Hyperpigmentation around the mouth?

Inflammation– The skin inflammation due to injury, acne, breakouts, or hormonal fluctuation can cause hyperpigmentation, which is very common around the mouth.

Melasma- The hyperpigmentation due to excess cell growth on the skin is melasma. It is common during pregnancy and often called the “mask of pregnancy”.

Medication side effects– Oral contraceptives, estrogen dosage, doxycycline, or chemotherapy drugs can cause such hyperpigmentation side effects.

Deficiency of Vitamins- Deficiency of vitamin D and B 12 is associated with causing melasma and hyperpigmentation. Though natural sunlight stimulates vitamin D production in your body, direct exposure will only aggravate hyperpigmentation. Therefore, you must consult a skin care specialist.

Direct exposure to the sun– The direct UV rays damage my skin and may cause excess melanin secretion, causing hyperpigmentation.

Skin Trauma- Any direct skin injury or severe acne breakouts cause the formation of brown crust or covering to heal the skin damage. When the crust goes, it may cause dark.  


Do Home Remedies Work?

The internet is full of hyperpigmentation removal remedies that promise great results. Unfortunately, these remedies are a waste of your time and money, and at times can worsen issues of hyperpigmentation. 

Your best bet is to consult with a skin care specialist and rely only on their tried and tested methodologies.

Caution: Do not try any topical solution without a professional’s recommendation. It may aggravate hyperpigmentation or cause other skin problems.


Dr E’s Approach to treating Hyperpigmentation around the mouth

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim is a well-known skin care specialist in Vancouver. Her approach to treating any skin problem is based on skin analysis and her personal experience in treating that particular skin problem.

For hyperpigmentation treatment around the mouth, she first examines the patchy area with dermoscopic analysis (using a dermascope to see a magnified image of skin). Based on a detailed examination, she suggests which treatment route is best for you. She may recommend topical creams or serums to actively reduce pigmentation or may recommend a medical cosmetic treatment.

The aim of hyperpigmentation treatments is to:

  • Reduce the colour intensity and area of red, brown or dark patches.
  • Lighten pigmentation to blend in with your skin tone naturally.
  • Ensure a sustainable and promising treatment so that you won’t have to face recurring hyperpigmentation around the mouth.


If you are seeking a skin care specialist for concerns of hyperpigmentation, consult Dr Shehla for a trustworthy skin care treatment plan.