How It Works

According to a study made available by the Canadian health study Institutes for health information, it takes several weeks to see a specialist and that there is an estimated number of 3 Million new consultations every year in Canada.

The current wait times and the backlog due to COVID-19 encouraged Dr. E to improve access to specialized medical advice and allow her patients to play a more active role in the management of their own skin health condition, especially skin cancer, which is on the rise in North America.

This virtual platform allows Dr. E to access the urgent and immediate needs of her patients without a referral from the family physician, thereby reducing wait times, improving quality of care and patient satisfaction.

The Consultative Process — My Unique Approach

 This includes a pre-consult, consult and post consult with follow up, which depends upon the skin condition being treated. Patients can book appointments from the comfort of their own homes but may have to see me in the office for suspicious lesions.


Sharing medical Info

Tell Me More About You

Let’s start with a little introduction. Tell me more about yourself and your skin issues so I can get back to you with some real advice for your unique condition. You can fill the form here and give me a day to get back to you or move on to book a convenient time to consult me directly. 


Booking Appointment

Come See Me — Virtually Or Personally

You can go ahead and book the best available time for discussing your skin problems. We can have a video call Consultation, or you can visit me personally at my office. In either case, I’ll help you with the best of my diagnostic abilities and suggest suitable medications, therapies, and lifestyle changes for treating your skin problems.


The Follow-Ups

It May Take Long, But I’ll Be There For You!

It takes significant time and patience in treating skin problems from their roots. Hence, I may ask you to meet me again to ensure that your healing as planned. You can book your follow-up appointment here and work with me towards eliminating your skin problems permanently!

About Your Consult Fee

The consultation fee is 100$ Cdn for 30 min consultation securely taken via pay pal/Square.

10% of all consultation fees will go to a charity via Pennies 4 The Poor. Dr. E is passionate about helping women in third world countries through microfinancing loans and educating women and children through the Aga Khan Foundation.

You can find out more by visiting this website periodically to see where your money is being utilized in third world countries.