Online Consultation

The Consultative Process — My Unique Approach

 This includes a pre-consult, consult and post consult with follow up, which depends upon the skin condition being treated. Patients can book appointments from the comfort of their own homes but may have to see me in the office for suspicious lesions.


Sharing medical Info

Tell Me More About You

Let’s start with a little introduction. Tell me more about yourself and your skin issues so I can get back to you with some real advice for your unique condition. You can fill the form here and give me a day to get back to you or move on to book a convenient time to consult me directly. 


Booking Appointment

Come See Me — Virtually Or Personally

You can go ahead and book the best available time for discussing your skin problems. We can have a video call Consultation, or you can visit me personally at my office. In either case, I’ll help you with the best of my diagnostic abilities and suggest suitable medications, therapies, and lifestyle changes for treating your skin problems.


The Follow-Ups

It May Take Long, But I’ll Be There For You!

It takes significant time and patience in treating skin problems from their roots. Hence, I may ask you to meet me again to ensure that your healing as planned. You can book your follow-up appointment here and work with me towards eliminating your skin problems permanently!

Consult Online Via Our virtual clinic in 3 easy steps

Your Skin Care Journey From A-Z


Book Online  Click HERE to schedule a convenient day and time and pay the consultation fee of 150$ Once your payment is received securely through Paypal, you will receive the consultation link in your Inbox!


In Office Consultation (If Applicable)

Based on your Virtual consultation, it may be necessary to see you in person. If that is the case, the cost of the appointment will be covered by the initial virtual consultation fee. In office consultations for benign skin lesion removal will be billed separately. Please refer to the service menu for details.


Follow up

In some cases, it may be necessary to follow up either virtually or in person. Please note that most follow ups are covered by MSP.

Let’s Schedule You In

Book Your Virtual Consultation

Please select a convenient time and pay the consultation fee of 150.00 CAD. Once your payment is received securely through Paypal, you will receive the consultation link in your inbox! 

About Your Consultation Fee & Your Contribution!

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim, is a proud supporter of the Spark of Hope Foundation (SoHF). Her decision to support SoHF was inspired by how she personally broke through cultural practices and norms that imposed restrictions on how a woman should live her life. As a result, her passion is to help other women fulfill their dreams and create their own destinies no matter their cultural, geographic, or economic background.

Dr. E is passionate about helping women in the Global South through scholarships for university education, thus helping develop the next generation of women leaders in some of the world’s most remote and underprivileged communities through the Spark of Hope Foundation.

To make her passion come to life, 10% of your consultation fee will go to a charity via Pennies 4 The Poor- A foundation dedicated to women welfare in third world countries! To find out more about how your contribution is being utilized, we invite you to visit our website for periodic updates!


Thank you for trusting us,
and contributing to our mission!