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Oral & Topical Medications For Psoriasis

The root cause of psoriasis is the abnormal proliferation of skin cells triggered by various factors. Oral medicines and Rx topical creams tackle this core problem while removing scales and reducing the appearance of patches. However, your treatment course will significantly differ based on the type and severity of your psoriasis condition. Dr. Ebrahim typically performs a thorough physical check and patiently discusses her patient’s history to ensure that all prescribed medications are safe for their consumption.

Oral medications include corticosteroids, retinoids, Vit. D analogues, as well as oral methotrexate and other immunosuppressive drugs that help in controlling skin cell growth. The introduction of Biologics has been a life-changing experience for some patients with extensive Psoriasis. Most of these drugs are systemic and are to be taken strictly on prescription. They take some time to take effect but help reduce mild to moderate psoriasis cases significantly. 

Rx Topicals for psoriasis are also prescribed for similar reasons with corticosteroids. Some topicals also include Vit. D analogues, which are synthetic forms of vitamin D, such as calcipotriene and calcitriol. Some calcineurin inhibitor creams for reducing inflammation and plaque buildup may also be prescribed.

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Dr. Ebrahim strives to minimize the side-effects of these drugs by offering a completely personalized medicinal course to all her patients. The best way to treat your psoriasis is to reach out to her via or 236-878-7002 and consult her for your best treatment options.

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