Snip Excision Treatment In Vancouver BC

Skin growths can raise aesthetic concerns among people. At times, they cause pain and functional issues. Therefore, the removal of skin growth is paramount for every individual. Excisional surgery is a safe, trusted, and effective procedure to eliminate skin lesions and skin growths, whether it is a benign growth or cancerous lesion.

Dr. Shehla Ebrahim is one of the trusted family physicians with a keen knowledge of dermatology. She has been providing world-class skin treatment to patients after closely examining their skin condition, medical history, and thorough diagnosis.

Skin lesions are often tempting to get them removed. Fortunately, there are many skin treatments available that can provide you a smooth, clear, and healthy-looking skin. One such safe procedure is snip excision surgery.

What is Snip Excision?

If a patient has raised growth of skin lesions like skin tags, the doctor recommend scissor excision or snip excision. Under this procedure, a pair of forceps will be used to secure the lesion’s growth firmly, and then the doctor gently pulls it out of your skin. A small set of curved scissors will slightly lift the growth from under and around the skin. The entire procedure is carried out under anaesthesia for the patient’s comfort and smooth experience. Also, the process doesn’t need any sutures, so the chances of scar formation get minimized.

To learn more about our skin treatments and procedures, book your first appointment with Dr. Shehla Ebrahim, Vancouver’s most-sought professional for all kinds of skin-related concerns and skin treatments.

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