Topical & Oral Treatments for Hair Loss

Several underlying factors can lead to hair loss and bald patches, which can have a psychologically devastating effect on the emotional and mental well-being of patients.

Spironolactone is a common oral medication for hair loss. Oral Finasteride is also commonly prescribed to slow down hair loss.

Topical lotions for hair loss may include Minoxidil, which comes in a 5% topical solution. 

Other options include PRP(platelet-rich plasma), low-level laser light, and oral Finasteride.

Dr. E prescribes a unique topical formula containing a combination of different propriety compounds that can stimulate hair growth.

For comprehensive control over hair loss, Dr. Ebrahim offers personalized medicinal courses that can prove effective in the long term. As a family physician in Canada, she has treated a variety of hair loss cases with great success.

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Hair loss is a chronic condition which greatly affects one’s social life and self-image, and hence also requires a special approach for treatment. Dr. Ebrahim believes in understanding her patients personally, as a friend, and guiding them throughout their treatment journey. If you’re in Canada, and looking for the most effective hair loss treatment in Vancouver, BC, it would be prudent to reach out to Dr Ebrahim personally via 236-878-7002 or info@dredermatology.com and get her honest opinion on your most suitable treatment options.

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