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Subcision Treatment In Vancouver BC

Subcision is a minor procedure for removing subcutaneous or depressed scars from the skin and smoothen its texture. It carefully detaches the fibrous strands that restrain the scar tissues from beneath the epidermis and stimulates more collagen production. This helps the skin cells to rejuvenate and elevate any scar depressions caused by acne, wounds, surgical cuts, etc.

Subcision scar treatment uses a hypodermic tri-bevel needle to minimally pierce through the skin and incise the scar tissues from the underlying skin layer. 

It has also proven to be an effective treatment for reducing facial wrinkles.

How Does Dr. E Perform Subcision Treatment?

Subscision scar treatment is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure, meaning you can leave immediately once the job is done.

While performing a Subcision scar treatment, Dr. Ebrahim never compromises on hygiene, safety, and precision, regardless of the scar’s size, which is why she first disinfects the area to be treated and precisely marks the region to be detached.

Depending on your overall health conditions, the complexity of treatment, and your personal choice, the target scar region will be numbed with an anesthetic. 

Now, a specialized tri-bevel needle will be inserted beneath the scarred layer at an acute angle adjacent to the scar and parallel to the skin surface. It is moved from beneath the scar back and forth in a fan-like motion, cutting the fibrous strands connected to it.

Once the needle emerges on the other side of the scar, it is moved perpendicular to the previous position to ensure that all fibrous strands are detached.

The scar tissue layer is removed entirely, and the underlying skin is covered and compressed for a few minutes.

How Many Subcision Treatments Does It Take?

Every scar is unique in its depth, size, and location. Generally, Dr. Ebrahim estimates the number of treatments required based on these scar attributes while also considering other factors such as your age, your skin’s collagen-producing capacity, your ongoing medications, and health conditions, etc.

Based on the scar’s complexity to be treated, Dr. Ebrahim may recommend anywhere between 1 to 6 treatments, each separated by a month to observe the results.

Who Is Best Suited For The Subcision Treatment?

Before you start looking for a clinic to get a Subcision treatment in Vancouver, BC, here are some essential criteria which decide if you’re an excellent candidate to get this surgery:

  • You should be generally healthy without a history of hypertrophic or keloid scars.
  • You should not have any blood clotting (hematoma) disorders.
  • You shouldn’t be suffering from any bacterial or viral infections.
  • You are rationally aware of the results you can get from this treatment and have set your expectations accordingly.

Take Your First Step

To know your best options for removing facial scars and getting the safest Subcision treatment in Vancouver, BC, you can reach out to Dr. Ebrahim on 236-878-7002 or write to her at

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