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Skin tags are noncancerous, typically soft skin growths that stick out or hang over the skin with a thin stem attached to the skin. They often develop in the folds and creases of our skin. They are medically known as acrochordon, cutaneous tag, or soft fibroma. There are formed with a core of fibers and ducts, with lumps of nerve cells, fat cells, collagen, and a covering of epidermis. You’ll most probably find them around the folds of the eyelids, armpits, groin, upper chest, or the neck.

How to recognize a Skin Tag?

They are easily distinguishable from other skin growths like moles or keloids as they hang off the skin with a thin peduncle. Their size can vary from anywhere between 2 mm to 7 cm. They can either be soft and round or wrinkly and deformed.

Most skin tags appear to be skin-colored, but they can become blackish due to hyperpigmentation or lack of blood supply.

What Causes Skin Tags to Grow?

So far, the exact causes of skin tags haven’t been identified, but as they commonly erupt in the skin folds, it is assumed that friction may be a potential cause. 

HPV virus may also play a role in developing skin tags. People with type-2 diabetes who have higher insulin resistance also have a higher chance of getting them.

The weight gain and hormonal changes caused by pregnancy can also promote skin tag. They can also be assumed to be a genetic condition as multiple family members are seen to have them but in varying shapes and sizes.

Why Visit Dr. Ebrahim For Skin Tag Removal in Vancouver BC?

Skin tags are benign tumours and do not pose any serious threat to your health. And if they’re located in a spot barely visible, most people don’t bother or even notice them.

However, if they’re located in a region where they cause irritation inside clothing or create an unpleasant appearance, you can easily find a skin professional and opt for a skin tag removal treatment in Vancouver, BC. Dr. Ebrahim offers some of the most effective and painless skin tag removal treatments that smoothen the skin without any scars. Spin excision is an easy and safe treatment that she commonly recommends for removing relatively smaller tags.

She is also well known for her cryotherapy treatment, a highly advanced procedure popular for skin tag removal in Vancouver, BC.

Take Your First Step

If you’re troubled by your skin tag growth and want a quick fix to get rid of it, you can reach out to Dr. Ebrahim on  236-878-7002 or write to her at email id info@dredermatology.com  to get prompt solutions.

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