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Pigmentation lesions are nothing but the dark brown spots and discoloured skin patches that appear anywhere on the skin for various reasons.  We’ll focus on the spots that appear on the facial skin as these cause the most mental distress and anxiety in men and women equally. It is believed that these pigmentations usually appear as we age, but their causes can range from anywhere between external UV damage to surface scarring to internal hormonal fluctuations. These pigmented lesions also include mole growths and patches caused by other skin conditions such as melasma or rosacea.

What Is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is the aggravated version of pigmented lesions. Our skin’s tone is maintained by the melanocyte cells that produce the melanin evenly across the skin. Hence, if these melanocytes become hyperactive and produce more melanin, the skin tone becomes dark, and the readily dark spots and patches become even darker. 

Most of these pigmented lesions are harmless and benign. However, some rare skin lesions can be a cause of cancerous development in the skin. The regions where it may affect depends mostly on the underlying causes.

What Causes Hyperpigmentation?

Though nearly all of us have some type of pigmented lesions like birthmarks, age spots, freckles, etc. some develop severe pigmentations due to secondary causes, such as:

  • Consistent sun exposure over specific regions 
  • Skin inflammation caused by acne and acne scars
  • As a side effect of other skin conditions like melasma or rosacea
  • As a side effect of specific drugs like antidepressants, birth control pills, or hormone medications
  • Other health conditions like hemochromatosis or Addison’s disease 

What Are The Symptoms Of Hyperpigmentation?

Symptoms of hyperpigmentations vary based on the type of pigmented lesion that develops. A person may observe a combination of different signs over their skin and will have to monitor their growth carefully. Some of the most commonly occurring symptoms of hyperpigmentation include:

  • Brown, tanned spots that gradually grow over your face or hands
  • Relatively large dark tone patches over the forehead or stomach 
  • Acne scars that grow darker in colour over time 

What Approach Does Dr.E Take Towards Treating Pigmented Lesions?

Dr. Ebrahim is well-known for her comprehensive treatment approach towards skin pigmentation treatment that rejuvenates your skin from within and beautifies it from without. Since the hyperpigmentation treatment options can vary based on their types, she performs a thorough dermoscopic analysis to detect the precise types of pigment lesions. 

As most of these lesions are benign and harmless, Dr. Ebrahim prefers to tackle these issues with medicinal courses that don’t invade the skin in any way. There are several effective topical and oral medications that can reduce or even eliminate the appearance of specific pigmented lesions. The primary aim of all her treatments is to:

  • Reduce the brown spots significantly
  • Reduce the redness and flushing over the skin
  • Make the skin smooth and clear
  • Achieve deep-rooted and long-lasting results


Hence, before you visit any clinic for skin pigmentation treatment in Vancouver, meeting Dr. Ebrahim and learning about all the possible treatment options available will help you get the best suitable skin pigmentation treatment in Vancouver.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since all the treatments that Dr. Ebrahim Provides are non-invasive and non-sedative based medical treatments, there is no downtime involved with almost all her treatments. All you have to do is follow here prescribed medications and follow-up sessions on time.

Depending on the distinct types of pigmented lesions you’ve developed, Dr. Ebrahim can treat all of them either simultaneously or through a sequential treatment process.

The time and extent of skin treatment results vary for every person as everyone develops a unique set of skin problems. Dr. Ebrahim focuses on creating a treatment plan that can best suit your pigmentation condition and show prompt results.

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